The Energy Innovation Agency and its partners hosted our launch event on 28th April which introduced our first challenge – the decarbonisation of heat in non-domestic buildings. Read on for information on the challenge and how you can respond:

Challenge 1

Decarbonisation of Heat

The Challenge

Greater Manchester has the ambition to move 60% of homes and businesses to low carbon heating by 2040, with 10.2TWh of low carbon heat required by 2024. Whilst homes have seen focus through schemes such as the Green Homes Grant and GM’s Retrofit Accelerator programme, the non-domestic sector still accounts for 12% of the UK’s carbon emissions, with 60% of non-domestic heat generated by gas.

Rising energy costs and legislation on commercial landlords (for example requiring all rented properties to be EPC E or above by 2023), have created a strong market for solutions that can solve challenges such as the costs of retrofit, landlord-tenants responsibilities and maximising flexibility. Solving these issues without causing disruption or excessive financial burdens will require innovation in technology, processes and financial solutions. 

Challenge Specifics

On 28th April, we were joined by innovators and stakeholders from across the UK and further afield to hear from speakers such as BEIS, Electricity North West and Bruntwood on:

UK and GM goals and progress on decarbonisation
The support available to innovators through the Energy Innovation Agency
Specific challenges faced by one of Greater Manchester’s largest commercial landlords

14 innovators also had the opportunity to pitch their solutions to panels from the Agency and partners.

If you have a solution that can contribute to Greater Manchester’s decarbonisation, or if you are interested in support from the Agency, please contact us or complete our Challenge Response form below.

Solve our Challenge

We’re still accepting responses to our Decarbonisation of Heat Challenge – if you have an innovative solution, please respond using the form below!

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